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Impact on cost reduction

Man Power 68%
Build time 80%
Environmental impact 65%
1000€ / House
USD 1,480.5M


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Frequently Asked Questions

We provide you some of the most common questions and answers regarding 3D house printing. 

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We received a 3D model that can be made with one of the many CAD tools. We later convert a digital 3D model into the printing instructions needed by 3D printers. The printer is operated by two people: the first person uses the control unit to calibrate the right position. The second oversees the mix that is used as print material. Once printing starts, everything runs automatically until finished.

Traditional construction processes consume a lot of time and money in labor. Due to engineering and preparation time, construction takes longer than 3D printing. By automating this process, the time to prepare a print is reduced. Also the final costs of the 3D printer are reduced, depending on what you want to print. There is also the fact that 3D printing allows for countless design possibilities, giving architects more freedom in their projects.

There are strong possibilities that you can use 3D printing technology. Creative freedom makes it possible to build complex shapes. To check if your project is viable, we just need a 3D model or design.

In addition to being economical, this modality is also ecologically beneficial. 3D printers are electric, which means that it is not necessary to use machines and fossil fuels, thus reducing carbon emissions. Furthermore, it is possible to use sustainable materials, such as locally sourced concrete mixes or clay.

There are several and increasingly frequent projects that use Concrete House Printing 3D technology. We highlight, for example, the Lewis Grand Hotel in the Philippines, the famous “World Office” in Dubai, fully functional with electricity, telecommunications and air conditioning, the Yhnova House in Nantes, France and the Lotus House in the United States of America. The potential is enormous, especially in the speed of meeting urgent needs at a much more affordable cost.


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